How To Build More Calm Into Your Life -“10 Steps to Calm”


Take a look at this heart. Imagine that the ripples around it travel all the way to the edge of the picture. If this was water, what would happen to those ripples then? That’s right, they’d bounce right back to the heart.


Well, according to Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction, that is what happens in our lives energetically. Whatever we’re feeling/thinking/saying, we are going to get more of in the future. Whatever we give out, comes back to us.


So knowing this, how do you want to feel more of the time? Stressed. Harassed, burnt out, not good enough? Or calm, peaceful, positive and even excited about life? Feel more of the latter, and you can begin to build hope for a brighter future.


That’s where I come in. For years people have told me that they feel more calm and positive when they are in my presence. And while I believe this is an innate ability in me (because I wasn’t doing anything special when people first told me this) I also spend time becoming calm using meditation, visualisation, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and certain dietary habits.


Don’t get me wrong, for years I felt just as harassed, overwhelmed, anxious and not good enough as you may do now – just view my previous blogs. But I found ways to deal with this and have been helping others do the same since 2011 – giving them hope and the tools to imagine a better life for themselves, as well as helping them to change the energy they are sending out to the Universe – and therefore creating a better experience.


The easiest tool I have found to begin that journey is Guided Meditations and simple exercises to release what no longer serves us – and create what we do want in our lives.


I’d love to help you get into the habit of relaxing, breathing in the right way to reduce your stress response, and taking your mind away from your current thinking and problems – so that you can feel calm and peaceful and maybe even hopeful during our sessions – sending those positive feelings out into the universe and having them return to you more and more often. Even better it’s not just you that benefits – you’ll learn how the more calm and happy you feel, you’ll be helping the world to feel that way as well.


10 Steps To Calm – A Magical Meditation Group


So from Wednesday 15th July for 10 weeks I am running 10, hour-long online sessions every Wednesday at 6pm to reach out to those who really want help gaining more calm in their lives. I’m calling it “10 Steps to Calm – A Magical Meditation Group”. Spaces are limited and all sessions will be positive and uplifting – so if you need to let off steam I do provide a free online coaching session to allow you to share what you feel you need to. Just message me on my social media channels to arrange.


This group will work best if you are able to attend regularly – as many sessions as you can. The Law of Attraction says you get more out of what you put in. I’m calling these sessions “free” so that if you really can’t afford to contribute, I can still serve you. But if you wish to support my work you can pay me on paypal – suggested donation up to £10 a session.


If you’d like to know more please contact me on my social media channels, text or email me, making sure you leave your email address for me to reply to. You can also read more about the event on my Facebook event here.

I look forward to going on our journey towards calm together!

Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman is a Wife, Mother, Artist, Teacher, Author and Coach. She lives on the beautiful shores near the New Forest and loves walking and being mindful on the beach and in nature. Her friends call her the “Magic Mermaid” as she combines life changing coaching techniques with a sprinkle of Mermaid Magic!

As an NLP Practitioner and personal coach Vicki is passionate about helping people develop their inner self confidence and achieve their goals.


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