Dream Big

I began writing in this journal at the very beginning of January 2018.

At the time I was dreaming big…I wanted to sell hundreds of copies of “Daphne and the Smiley Shells“, have paid off all the investments in my training as a Coach and the costs of setting up on my own, to have become comfortable with speaking to large groups and to be happily delivering Facebook lives as well as coaching many people.

Well I did sell some books. I did speak to some groups. I did pay off part of my previous investments, and have been able to pay all of my current business costs in a timely manner.

I have finally, after much practice, delivered a Facebook live I’m happy with.

I have coached some amazing clients and rejoiced in their progress. Run life changing meditation groups
None of it in a “Big” way…no 6-figure or even 5-figure income…and that’s OK.

For now, more than ever, I believe it’s more about quality than quantity. Serving those who want my coaching to a deep, profound level. Getting to know the people who buy my book and helping them use it effectively to build confidence in themselves and the children they love.

Staying healthy and strong both mentally and physically and building even better relationships with loved ones. Learning even more about myself and the skills we are all born with but do not recognise, again so I can help myself and those around me even more effectively and help to raise the vibration of humanity.

Celebrating what I experience each day rather than always planning for a bigger, brighter future as we are so often taught to do in business.

Remembering that I am a human “being” not a human “doing”. And having more creative fun. Remembering to be “present” and connect with nature.
Finding more sustainable ways to operate my business like not rushing to every networking meeting, coffee morning and event but utilising online facilities instead.

And who knows? As I let go of the old paradigm of success, that of large incomes and high profiles, and choose to be “me” instead, perhaps I can feel successful right now.

Who’s with me? Give me a thumbs up if you are! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
I’ll let you know how it goes…

If you’d like to stay up to date with me, I’d love for you to connect via my Facebook or Instagram pages – speak soon! Vicki x


Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman is a Wife, Mother, Artist, Teacher, Author and Coach. She lives on the beautiful shores near the New Forest and loves walking and being mindful on the beach and in nature. Her friends call her the “Magic Mermaid” as she combines life changing coaching techniques with a sprinkle of Mermaid Magic!

As an NLP Practitioner and personal coach Vicki is passionate about helping people develop their inner self confidence and achieve their goals.


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