Give A Child You Love The Gift Of Confidence

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I love this book… fun… easy for both kids and adults to relate to… a wonderful message of inspiring self love and confidence, encouraging children to see things in a positive light and feel good about themselves. Daphne and the Smiley Shells offers an exciting, practical, achievable way of introducing this powerful positive mindset into daily life regardless of any situation. I wish I had been taught this message as a child. A beautiful gift that is much more than a book, it is evoking a new way of being.

A thought provoking book, not just for kids! Perfect to encourage our little ones to nurture their sense of gratitude and self-worth. A practice well worth cultivating if we want them to grow up understanding the connection between their inner and outer worlds. Beautiful illustrations and well written. Not a book to be left on the shelf gathering dust, it needs to become part of a daily routine. Lovely piece of work.
Lisa K

A ‘must have’ book for all children BEAUTIFULLY written & illustrated
Angela Inwards

Daphne and the Smiley Shells

Daphne is a little Dolphin with a lot of struggles in her life. Follow her journey as she learns how to cope with all the challenges and begins to create a better world for herself.

A life-changing book and activity that will build confidence, hope and positive behaviour in the young, and the not-so- young…

Give a child you love the gift of Confidence!

“I encourage you to read the story aloud to your child or listen together to the audio recording. The rhythm of the words and hearing the story aloud can have a magical effect. The follow up by activity at the end of the book will help give a child you love that gift of confidence”


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“Give a child you love the gift of Confidence”

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