The Story Behind The Story – Daphne and the Smiley Shells


Where did Daphne and the Smiley Shells come from?

If you google Vicki Tongeman, you’ll find she is a Wife, Mother, Artist, Teacher, Author and a Coach! And that’s all before her role as a ‘Magic Mermaid’! She is certainly a lot of roles to a lot of people, and in this article, we meet the person, or mermaid, behind them all.


Here is the story behind the story, written by Emma at Bedtime Chapters:

I instantly loved this book and I enjoyed the simple concept of collecting shells – something I always used to do as a child, and I have enjoyed with my own children – decorating sand castles and making art on the beach.

I could see this message had positivity flowing throughout it – like a thread through each page, binding the story together.

I instantly warmed to this story and I could see this book came with purpose and even though I had not met Vicki at that time, it was clear to me that this had been written by someone who wanted to provide children with a tool they could easily adapt to their own lives, that would help them to face the challenges of life.

Fast-forward to today and I can now vouch that this is very much the case – and I now know that Vicki’s ultimate aim for this book, is that children are left with an awareness of their ‘personal power’ within themselves and the knowledge that this power is something they can use to ensure they can cope with anything that life sends.

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Daphne and the smiley shells


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