Equality Comes From Within

“Life And Money Skills” 5th birthday party

So there I was sitting in a discussion group being run by Nicholas Holtam (Bishop of Salisbury) at the “Mind The Gap” conference held in the teaching area at Poole Hospital. We have been listening to Kate Pickett, co-author of the book “The Spirit Level” telling us that societies that are more equal economically and socially experience far fewer sociological problems, including crime, mental health, life expectancy and many other issues.

As I listen to the other delegates discussing this in the room, I notice that some of them are recommending greater financial penalties for “the rich” which in some way is meant to help those who are less fortunate.  For some reason I feel a great resistance to this argument – not stemming from a great knowledge of economics, but through some instinctual feeling that somehow these people’s perceptions are not quite right, that there is something more involved that they are missing.

For instance, if only the children of the rich or educated can enjoy the prospect of a long life and satisfying career, why do we have prominent examples of individuals who had very disadvantaged childhoods, but have become self made successes like Will I Am, Peter Jones, Theo Pephitis, Wayne Dyer and our very own local Secret Millionaire, Sue Stone? (I don’t know about Sue’s beginnings, but I know she experienced her own difficult times and now does an awful lot to support others who are less fortunate). And in what way are they creating inequality when they all invest huge amounts of time, money or both, back into raising up others who need help, in the best way they know how?

For me, the real inequality in society comes from a lack of trust – how we trust others, trust ourselves, and trust life. Given the right guidance and healing, each and every one of us has the inner resources to be, do and have what we really want, regardless of our background, our education or our current financial status. We do not need to tax the rich to get this, we can create it for ourselves, and we can feel equal to anyone else in the world if we choose to. But first some of us need to de-program ourselvesfrom the beliefs of inequality and lack that we have picked up as children, as well from those who surround us now. Then we will “feel” equal regardless of our background or education, and that is what will make the difference to our behaviours, mental and physical health, and our life experiences.

Life And Money Skills is a Not-For-Profit organisation delivering financial and self confidence workshops to those with low incomes including Parents, Young Parents, the long term unemployed, those in recovery from mental health, violent relationships or addiction issues, . We provide the service free to targeted individuals via community partners like Children’s Centres and local charities who provide the delegates and the premises for our work.

Our workshops and courses are guided by the needs of the partner organisations and the individuals involved, addressing what is most important to them at that time, as well as including guidance on positive money management and positive reinforcement (confidence building) for themselves and those around them. When funding permits, we even provide some 1-1 coaching sessions using NLP, the tools of excellence, to help those who are particularly open to moving forward in their lives. We aim to reach 10,000 individuals overall and, this year, to raise £5000 for ourselves on top of any grant funding we may be lucky enough to receive. It takes £10 an hour to help to change someone’s life for the better.

Equality comes from within. Help us help others to let go of poverty, lack, and inequality, and move towards an understanding that we are all created equal and can help others by moving into abundance – in relationships, in self approval, and in life. Together we will create a greater equality in this nation, and all will benefit regardless of their background or circumstances.

For more information about Life And Money Skills and the impact we have on society and how you can help, please contact Vicki Tongeman, Founder, Life And Money Skills. Email lifeandmoneyskills@gmail.com, 07550 080949.



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