Three Phrases You Can Use To Help Your Child Build Growth Mindset

When I was a small child I used to struggle with using scissors. Somehow the blades wouldn’t connect closely enough most of the time in order to cut the paper, wool or string I was trying to sever. Occasionally I would get a “fluke” good result if I happened to...

Are You Ready To Paint Your Own Future?

“ I get to paint scenes on the computer, and then with virtual reality I can explore and walk around in them”. Wow, I thought, how amazing would that be? The conversation with my son’s friend stuttered to a halt as I absorbed this comment and all that it meant....

Three Easy Ways To Love Yourself More And Why It’s So Important

We keep hearing this advice more and more …”love yourself so you can love others better”…”fill up your own cup so you can fill others”….”put your own oxygen mask on first”. If you’re a Mum or Business Owner (or both), with all the demands from...

What To Do When Things Don’t Go Your Way

  Here’s a story that I love, and that illustrates for me how I can choose to allow events to happen in my life, without getting emotionally affected by them. It’s an old Chinese proverb that I first heard on my NLP course… “An old and wise farmer...
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