Imagine all the Children, Feeling Safe and Sound

I was watching a documentary about John Lennon and Yoko Ono yesterday and noticed how much the subject of “imagining “came up.Imagining is the first step to creating something in your life you want to be true. We know that it begins to build neural pathways in your...

Vicki’s Beach Wisdom Part 1

In July 2016 I was busy taking care of others and needed to take a break. So I took time out, took stock of my own health and opened up to learning even more about nutrition, psychology and the benefits of mindfulness and physical activity. I was cleansing my inner...

More than a book – it’s a Campaign!

On the surface, “Daphne and the Smiley Shells” is a cute little story with beautiful pictures, all about a dolphin who gets laughed at by her friends, thinks she is clumsy and isn’t getting on very well at school. She may have some anxieties and seems to be heading...

Give a Child You Love The Gift of Confidence

In 2011 I was sat on a cushion in a circle with other adults, like a child back at school, listening to a children’s picture book story called “A Warm Fuzzy Tale” by Claude M Steiner. I was on a course learning counselling skills, and I was so excited that I could be...
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