Are You Ready To Paint Your Own Future?

are you ready to paint your own picture“ I get to paint scenes on the computer, and then with virtual reality I can explore and walk around in them”.

Wow, I thought, how amazing would that be? The conversation with my son’s friend stuttered to a halt as I absorbed this comment and all that it meant.

I imagined what it would be like to be a creative artist who had the power to paint my ideal world, make it 3D then to be able to move freely within that world and notice the colours, textures, movement, sounds and how it all made me feel. I considered what effect the experience would have on my body and my emotions, as my brain took on these signals from my eyes and ears and released the feel-good chemicals and sense of wonder, peace and joy as I took it all in.

And as those chemicals were released, how would that change my mood, physiology and vibration so I was closer to what I wanted in life? I wondered how quickly I could learn to create a digital world like this young man could.

A few days later I realised – I don’t have to spend months painting a scene on a computer and get a special headset to see it all, I already have the skills to do this through NLP. With help from a fellow coach to keep me focussed, I can paint in my mind the perfect situation, notice what I am seeing, hearing, feeling, doing, and what my sense of self is in this scene. Then I can find my “Why”, my motivation for the highest good, and how the wider world will benefit from what I want and have to offer.

As I immerse myself in this inner world, feeling the feelings I want to experience, this programs my subconscious to notice opportunities to make this happen, and changes my vibration so that I am drawn closer to the situation I am imagining.

And there’s a flip side…

Too often, through our habitual thoughts, feelings and energies we unconsciously create a world around us that we may or may not want, leaving us feeling helpless, out of control and like a victim of circumstances. It can feel like we have been painted into our present world almost as an afterthought, or worse, controlled by others as they create their own version of life more powerfully than we do. Does this sound familiar to you?

Today I choose…

Today I choose to consciously and on a regular basis, notice what I would like to be, do and have in my life and to pro-actively create this through my thoughts, words and deeds. And to engage more regularly with my coaches (yes, even coaches need coaches!) so that with their help I can recognise more easily where my habitual thoughts create what I don’t want, and keep focus as I create the life I really want. With my own tenacity and their help I truly can paint an even better future, one step at a time! Daphne and the Smiley Shells

If you want the power to create the future you’d love for yourself and your family, click here and join me on this wonderful creative journey with “Daphne and the Smiley Shells” as your guide…or contact me for a fun, relaxed, 1-1 coaching session….





Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman is a Wife, Mother, Artist, Teacher, Author and Coach. She lives on the beautiful shores near the New Forest and loves walking and being mindful on the beach and in nature. Her friends call her the “Magic Mermaid” as she combines life changing coaching techniques with a sprinkle of Mermaid Magic!

As an NLP Practitioner and personal coach Vicki is passionate about helping people develop their inner self confidence and achieve their goals.


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