Vicki’s Beach Wisdom Part 1

In July 2016 I was busy taking care of others and needed to take a break. So I took time out, took stock of my own health and opened up to learning even more about nutrition, psychology and the benefits of mindfulness and physical activity. I was cleansing my inner and outer space, walking, meditating and doing some simple yoga moves on the beach.

Do what you love doing and the Universe will find a way to support you

Whilst being mindful one day I was reminded of the belief that our outer world reflects our inner world, something I had learned during several years of NLP training. I wondered if I could “read” any messages from my surroundings if I was being mindful enough. I’d had the odd occasion where I’d found a heart shaped pebble when feeling really happy and relaxed on the beach, so I decided to test the theory out more consciously.

I’d also read that you should do what you love doing most, and the Universe will find a way to support you through this activity. So I asked out loud, “What do I need to know?” I stopped walking, and took a look around me. I felt the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair and heard the seagulls calling in the distance…but this area of beach had been levelled – not many indicators here then….

Not to be put off, I continued mindfully along the promenade until I found tracks in the sand that seemed to lead me closer to the shore. I stepped forward, feeling my feet sink into the soft warm sand and followed the tracks towards the water. I relaxed as my feet reached firmer sand where the water had recently retreated. Walking slowly along the shore I found what I thought was a kind of sandcastle decorated by stones. Drawn to this small structure, I decided to take a picture with my phone as it looked quite picturesque with the beach huts behind. Something made me move around the “Castle”, to take a photo with the sea in the background, and I found…

…that this decorated mound was in fact, a dug out boat that someone had created for their child to play in! The shadows clearly defined where the holes had been dug for seating. I was so surprised, and touched by the fun I imagined a child had experienced playing imaginatively in this boat.

Contemplating this outcome, I felt that the lesson was “to look at things/situations from different angles” and not just to take everything at face value – as there is always more than one way of perceiving things and we may be missing the hidden treasure behind the facade.

Look at things from a different angle

Deciding to test this further, I said to my Inner Self / Universe “Show me I am loved”.   Walking further along the shore and enjoying the sun, I found myself drawn to a sun-bleached branch that had been tossed onto the beach by the sea some time before. I couldn’t tell why I was meant to study this commonplace item, but decided to take pictures as I circled the driftwood thus looking at it from different angles.

Suddenly I felt myself gasp – the sun cast a shadow, recreating the branch as a mirror image on the sand, and creating, to my eyes, a perfect heart shape. Even a simple branch abandoned on the sand could contain a message for the right person. I felt so grateful and loved in that moment.

Despite the evidence, a part of me was still sceptical about this first beach experiment – surely I was just making these things up for myself? I wanted to see a heart shape, so I saw one? It took further, stronger experiences to convince me that I and then others, could benefit from spending mindful moments on the beach and interpreting what we notice there (see future blogs). For me, I had to turn my thoughts around – from thinking that I couldn’t be paid for what I loved doing most, walking on the beach. I had to look at things from a different angle and believe it was possible. And I began to make it happen.

You too can experience “Beach Wisdom”

I decided to call the experience “Beach Wisdom” as when I am being open to inspiration on the beach, I can receive wisdom from my surroundings and my own subconscious. I also piloted some sessions with others last year where people drew guidance from their surroundings and I helped them heal what they needed to heal at that time. People have had amazing experiences from taking part – most notably giving themselves the gift of time to themselves, something many of us still do not do. But also there have been incidences of letting go of feeling trapped in life or a bereavement, choosing new business options, or healing an old childhood issue among others.

If you would like to experience this year’s group sessions please contact me or book here for our first group session on Tuesday 24th July at 9.30am, or look on my events page for future sessions. We meet regularly at Steamer Point Car Park, Friars Cliff, Mudeford, weather permitting. Please contact me prior to arrival so I can keep you in touch with decisions regarding the weather. You can also contact me for bespoke 1-1 “Beach Wisdom” sessions, which includes 1-1 coaching, bookable in advance.

In the meantime, ask yourself….how can you look at things from a different angle? What would happen if you did? Leave your comments below…


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