Use Your Subconscious Mind To Help with New Year Resolutions

Learn to control your subconscious like you would steer a horse

Have you ever made New Years Resolutions and not kept them? Maybe not even started them? Me too! One of the reasons for this could be that we are trying to “start” a New Year in the last quarter of the old one….nature starts the year in Spring….but if setting goals and making changes feels right for you now, then your problems could also be in the way you normally communicate with your subconscious at this time of year.

Where does your Subconscious mind come in?

I once heard the Subconscious described as a horse, on which you are riding – actually, if you’re not controlling it you are just a small being, balancing on top of it as the “horse”  wanders at will…through muddy fields, over rocky hills, hiding in the stable…

The subconscious runs your body, and all the thoughts, feelings and behaviours you are not paying attention to right now. Have you been breathing and sitting up while you read this? Were you thinking about it or did it just happen? Ever driven safely from one place to another without remembering how you drove there? Your subconscious got you there while you were thinking about something else.

Yes it is that powerful! So if you want to make any long lasting changes you must first learn how to communicate with your subconscious…noticing the way you think and talk about your goals is a good start.

Tell your subconscious what you want, not what you don’t want.

Your subconscious is a very literal animal. If you say you want to “lose !0lbs” where is it going to lose them? And what’s to stop it finding them again? Judging by my weight history my subconscious has no trouble finding and re-distributing the lbs I’ve lost in the past! How about you? So tell it what you want to weigh, or even better how you want to feel regardless of weight!

“I feel fit and healthy, and am at my ideal weight” would be so much more helpful and likely to gain better results.

Tell yourself what you will do instead

I recently saw someone write a goal to “eat less meat” and “give up sugar”.

Does that sound like fun, or like you are being deprived? Suddenly there is a gap in your life with no meat / sugar, and nothing to replace it. Not very motivating, is it? And are you doing it because you want to, or because you think you should?

How does this phrase sound in comparison?

“I choose to consume meat twice a week and use alternative forms of protein on other days.”

“I choose to replace sugary foods with natural fruit and healthy snacks”.

By “choosing”, you are giving yourself back the power – it’s something you’re choosing to do, not something you are forced to do because you think you “should”.

By imagining what you will do instead, you are already telling your subconscious what to focus on (alternative protein and healthy snacks), taking the focus away the things you want to let go of.

Be Precise and use the present tense

It helps if you give precise instructions to your Subconscious and talk as if your goal has already happened.

What do you think might be wrong with “I will get more healthy in 2018”?

Firstly, you’ve told yourself you “will” not that you “are” so you will always make that a part of your future, not your present.

Secondly, you haven’t told yourself how you are going to do this. “I am exercising 3 times a week” is a good start, “I walk on Mondays, swim on Wednesdays and go cycling at the weekend” is even better.

If you want to finally take control of your subconscious and fine short cuts to grab the reins and tell it where you want to go, (being able to wear a bikini on the beach next year perhaps?) then contact me here or on social media and we’ll start a conversation. I can help you find out what your subconscious is doing to sabotage you, and how you can get it on side.

You can also access my free email course “10 Steps to Calm” by using the Sign-up box in the right hand margin, and elsewhere on the site. It will help you understand more about how you and the Universe can work together to help you become happier, healthier and more focussed.

Whatever you choose to do, have a fantastic year and stay in touch!


Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman

Vicki Tongeman is a Wife, Mother, Artist, Teacher, Author and Coach. She lives on the beautiful shores near the New Forest and loves walking and being mindful on the beach and in nature. Her friends call her the “Magic Mermaid” as she combines life changing coaching techniques with a sprinkle of Mermaid Magic!

As an NLP Practitioner and personal coach Vicki is passionate about helping people develop their inner self confidence and achieve their goals.


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