The Emerging Lightworker:

Supportive meditation for Creatives and Mums

The Emerging Lightworker - supportive meditation for Creatives and Mums

Relax, Rejuvenate and build a brighter future for all in this supportive meditation group designed for creative, caring people like you! xx

About this event
If you’re a Mum, Carer or Self Employed woman who’s interested in all things woo-woo then you’ll love this supportive group where we learn about the phases of the Moon, Crystals, Angels, Unicorns and Dragons, create Intentions for the coming month and practise gratitude for all that has been. This week we’ll be planning new intentions for the new term to enhance your health and wellbeing.

We meet in term time online and regular attendees report feeling calmer, sleeping better, a more positive mindset and even gaining inspirations during their guided meditations!

Bring a glass of water, a comfy seat or chair, a candle, crystal or blanket if you wish and music to play in the background during meditation. All meetings on Zoom.

Join us by booking today and becoming part of the group, or contact me if you have any questions and get your tickets here.

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