Magic Mermaid Dreams and Wishes

Saturday 13th March 10:30am-12:30pm


Magic Mermaid Dreams and Wishes - Vicki Tongeman

Time for a 2021 re-boot!

Take advantage of the New Moon in Pisces on 13th March 2021 at 10.30am GMT to work with your own Inner Child and Wisdom, and discover what your heart and soul really dream of for 2021 and beyond.

In this online safe space, you’ll be led to relax and ground yourself, take a light-hearted stock-take of your life right now, and connect with your Inner Child to draw simple visions for the future using colourful images and affirmations using the power of sacred geometry to help.

And don’t be fooled…simple and childlike as these drawings may be, they could hold hidden messages for you now, or in the future.

They will create strong signals for your subconscious mind, which is the part of you that truly controls who you are and who you are becoming.

Afterward, I’ll share some powerful questions that you can ask one another in the group, to help you move gently towards one of your dreams and we’ll celebrate with a closing and uplifting meditation before you return to the here and now…knowing you have set the seeds for a brighter future at a time that is for your highest good.

As it’s Mothers Day weekend, why not gift a ticket to your Mum or Daughter as well, so that you can spend online time together having a fun experience?

There will also be a pop-up facebook group to share your experiences and support one another if you wish.

There is a suggested donation of £13 per ticket, purchase your ticket a few days ahead if you can so I can send you handouts and Zoom link. A limited number of attendees to keep the group small and friendly….so book now to confirm your space!

Secure your place!

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