Goodbye Louise, and thank you!


Late last night, I read and heard that Louise Hay had “transitioned” from this life to the next. I unexpectedly felt a wave of sadness about this news, even though I am happy that she passed away due to natural causes and that I’m sure she was active until the last possible minute in doing her best to help and heal other people.

As a healer, speaker, author, publisher and thought leader Louise has been, and will be, a huge influence on my life. I hadn’t realised how much until last night.  When I began my own self-help journey, it was her “I can do it!” cards that first spoke to me and helped me understand the effect of negative or positive self-talk. Her CD’s with positive affirmations that played in my car. They somehow made self-help and positivity fun and accessable, even if I couldn’t understand some of it at first. She also helped me to understand that we can all help others to heal in our own unique way. And the best thing? She was delivering her purpose in her later years and continuing to do so until very late in her life. As a “late starter” in finding out what I wanted to do, this seemed like the ideal lifestyle for me.

When I took up the challenge of starting the not-for-profit “Life And Money Skills” it was her “I can do it” cards that I used to begin to introduce positive thinking, hope, and future planning to those who were long term unemployed or on low income, including Mums who I know will pass some of these ideas down to their children.  The affirmations began to work miraculously for some delegates giving them the jobs, homes, cars or feelings of hope that they wanted.

Not understanding why and keen to have some scientific explanation, I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for several years, among other healing modalities, and now have a greater understanding of how we can support and heal our subconscious, change our behaviours and habits, and even our identity to help us achieve what we want. It backed up Louise Hay’s work, and took me even further. And of course I’ve read many other Hay House authors who have so much knowledge to give and share.

Keen to share my learning and create a unique experience for those who are ready for change, I wrote a “healing” children’s story which included affirmations, self love, gratitude and NLP, “Daphne and the Smiley Shells”. I also run meditation/self empowerment groups, “Beach Wisdom” sessions and deliver 1-1 coaching using light-hearted, colourful tools that I’m sure Louise would have loved with her child-like qualities. I’ve moved on from “Life And Money Skills” so I can be flexible enough to work with whoever, wherever I am needed.

In this way I trust that I am delivering the intentions of Louise and those of all the other teachers I have studied and I hope, like Louise, I shall continue to deliver my purpose and help to change the world one person at a time, for many decades to come.

Thank you, Louise, on behalf of all of us, for your inspiration and your love, and for all that you have put in place over the years before your passing. You have left an infinite legacy for us all.

*Please note – out of respect for Louise I have only provided links to her products so any readers who are new to her work can get a glimpse of her amazing messages. I will not be benefitting financially from these links.


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