10 Steps to Calm with Vicki Tongeman

10 steps to calm with Vicki Tongeman


If you feel like you’ve been tossed about emotionally over the past few months, then step away from the whirlwind that is life for some, and join us online every Wednesday 6pm-7.30pm for a soothing, calming, meditation and relaxation course.

Guided meditation

During these sessions you’ll learn how to:
– Breathe in a way that relaxes both your body and your mind
– Become “Grounded” and better connected to the earth so that you feel safer and more secure
– Work with the chakras, the energy centres in the body, to help you feel calmer and have more energy to do what you want to do
– Release unwanted thoughts and feelings and replace them with new ones using techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
– A gentle introduction to mythical creatures like Mermaids, Angels, Unicorns and Dragons and how they can support and protect you and your family in your lives together and a reminder about the Law of Attraction.

Many people who have attended my Guided Meditations Sessions have found they feel so much better, calmer, and more hopeful as a result of attending them regularly. What changes will you notice?

Available EVERY Wednesday during term-time.

To attend, book via my contact form or text/WhatsApp me on 07550080949 and I’ll send you a link to the meeting as well as ways to donate should you wish.

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